The best book I’ve read on the church and singleness: The Plausibility Problem by Ed Shaw

When we wander from the way of the cross the Bible's teaching begins to look implausible

Shaw suggests the reason the Bible’s teaching on sexuality seems unreasonable to many Christians is because we’ve taken a series of missteps in our thinking about sex, love, identity, family, gender and happiness

The Plausibility Problem: The Church and Same-Sex Attraction by Ed Shaw answers the uncertainty and embarrassment Christians can feel about the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality. In our sex- and relationship-obsessed world it can seem unreasonable to expect Christians with same-sex attraction to remain single and celibate. This book suggests that God’s people have stopped listening to the Bible in a bunch of other areas to do with relationships and the cost of following Jesus. It challenges all Christians to recognise where we are listening too much to the world and challenges us to think practically about how we make our churches places where it is good to be single and celibate.

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