Hooray! A Christian book on singleness that I can recommend without caveats: Single-Minded by Kate Wharton

A single person thinks about Jesus

Married or single, the message of Wharton’s Single-Minded is that we should fix our eyes firmly on Jesus for our fulfilment

Single-Minded by Kate Wharton is a biblical, readable and well-rounded book on singleness. As a general book on singleness, it is definitely my top recommendation, replacing Al Hsu’s The Single Issue, which is excellent but has become quite dated. It has a helpfully balanced portrayal of the joys and struggles of singleness. It clearly works through what the Bible has to say and uses this to challenge what the world tells us. It tackles sexual purity clearly and helpfully. And, unlike many books on singleness, this one is consistently aware that not all ‘singles’ have always been single: there is explicit acknowledgement of some of the ways that singleness is different following divorce, widowhood or parenthood and a specific chapter about being single again.

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