An insightful Christian analysis of modern sexual ethics: Sex and the iWorld by Dale S. Kuehne

Image of an individual with countless options

This book asks whether our world’s exaltation of individual freedom really provides the best conditions for the relational fulfilment we long for

Sex and the iWorld by Dale S. Kuehne is an insightful and helpful book for understanding the rapid changes in how western society thinks about sex and sexuality since the sexual revolution in the 1970s. Tracing these changes back to the Enlightenment, Kuehne questions whether our unfettered individualism and emphasis on almost absolute freedom of choice actually delivers the fulfillment we hope for. He suggests that what we really long for is deep relationships, which require trust and security that are undermined by our modern iWorld. He writes as both an Anglican minister and professor of politics. This book is incredibly helpful for understanding what makes our society tick and for engaging more directly and helpfully about why God’s way might be better.

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