Would you like world-ending pink topping with that? Lost is a Good Book is a generous second helping of Thursday Next from Jasper Fforde

Improbable events and probability play a part in Jasper Fforde's improbably good sequel

Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde is the second book in the Thursday Next series. Despite a sudden celebrity for saving Jane Eyre and improving the ending, not every one is happy with what Thursday has done. A series of extremely unlikely near death experiences seem like attempts to kill her. The Goliath Corporation are determined to get inside fiction and aren’t opposed to eradicating Thursday’s husband in an attempt to make her cooperate. As the plot thickens, Thursday finds another way into the world of fiction where she faces criminal charges for changing Jane Eyre and becomes part of Jurisfiction, the team of agents who protect and police inside of fiction. This paves the way for literary puns, humour, wordplay and adventures inside fiction as Thursday faces trial inside Kafka’s The Trial, fixes plot holes in Great Expectations and is solicited for real world luxury goods by everyone from the Cheshire Cat to Marianne Dashwood. This doesn’t even cover the major storylines! This book has an incredibly intricate and interconnected plot. It also manages to juggle two wonderfully realised worlds. It does all this with a lightness and humour that doesn’t feel bogged down in complexity and unnecessary detail (until you try to summarise it!).

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