Climbing trees, cutting your own hair and making messes with all the things you find in the kitchen: Maud Hart Lovelace’s second Betsy-Tacy book beautifully captures the experience of being 8 years old

In the second Betsy-Tacy book, the two friends are joined by their new friend Tib for 8-year-old adventures

Betsy-Tacy and Tib continues Maud Hart Lovelace’s engaging series of early 20th century American childhood. Betsy, Tacy and their new friend Tib are now 8-year-olds. Life is full of adventures, often with their genesis in Betsy’s fertile imagination. In this installment they attempt to learn to fly, build a cubbyhouse, invent a dish called ‘Everything Pudding’ and cut each others’ hair. Again Lovelace captures the experience and tone of childhood, drawing on actual games and stories she shared with her two best friends during her own childhood in the early 1900s in the American mid-west.

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