What would you do if your parent left you and your siblings in the car and never came back? That’s the start of Homecoming, a classic YA novel by Cynthia Voigt

Nightfalls over their solitary parked car as Dicey and her siblings await their mother's return

The first in the Tillerman series, Homecoming follows the four Tillerman children after they are abandoned by their mentally ill mother in a car park. When she doesn’t come back they set out to find other relatives several states away. Thirteen-year-old Dicey, the eldest, is determined to keep them together and get them to safety. All the characters are well-drawn and easy to care about. Their struggles are plausible. While clearly set in an earlier time (it was first published in 1981), it remains a great read with relatable characters. The children’s love and care for each other enables a sometimes-grim book to remain enjoyable.

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